Why Credit Tutoring?

They don't teach credit in schools.  Most adults don't have a clear, in-depth understanding about credit.  So, where are students and other young adults supposed to learn about this critical, life-impacting information?  

John Panzella, a National Credit Expert with 19 years' experience working in the credit industry, can help.   He will work one-on-one with your loved one to cover the information about credit they NEED that will provide them with a tremendous advantage as they approach adulthood and prepare for the challenges of managing their own finances.  

What's Covered?

In a 90-minute tutoring session, John will cover the following topics (and more):


  • The importance of credit and the role it plays in life
  • The financial benefits of good credit
  • How to establish credit with the credit bureaus
  • Credit Scores and how to achieve the best score possible
  • Common mistakes people make with credit

What else is included?

Students will receive a signed copy of John's Book, "Give Yourself Some Credit!  A Graduate's Guide to Understanding and Establishing Good Credit"  as well as a certificate of achievement for attending the 90-minute session.  Additionally, each student will have direct access to John after the session who will serve as their personal "credit coach" and advisor.  

What is the cost?

$175 covers the 90-minute session for one student.  Additional students can be added to a session at a cost of $50 per student.  Parents (adults) are invited to attend at no additional cost. 

Want to learn more?

Contact John at, or at 845-636-0550.